Mulher abandona o seu labrador sénior no meio da floresta (enquanto ele abana o rabo)

Dog dumped by his owner at Orchards Park in Vancouver, WA

******UPDATE: Listen folks, the woman that did this is not some woman named Dominique. Whoever started sharing that photo and accusing this woman of doing this, needs to STOP, remove their posts, apologize to her profusely and hope that she does not SUE you for defamation and libel. Come on. ******Update 12:49am 8/8/20We believe we have been able to identify the owner. We will update as we have more information! Thank you everyone for your incredible leads and tips!****Update: So many great leads and anonymous tips! Thank you everyone. Stay tuned, more news to come as this all unfolds. We appreciate ALL of your efforts, leads, and most of all, love for this dog. *****This woman thought the best way to get rid of a dog, was to take him to Orchards Park in Vancouver, WA tonight and leave him there to watch her drive off in her Tesla with Oregon Plates.If you recognize this woman, her Tesla, or her dog, please contact us immediately. 833.360.7293. The dog is an older yellow lab. If you know a woman that drives a Tesla with Oregon Plates, who likes to wear spandex pants and owned a Yellow Lab, please, contact us PRIVATELY with any information.**************All, please know the dog is safe and not available for adoption at this time. This dog will not be available pending an investigation into what happened. We know this tugs at our heartstrings, but please know he is safe and being cared for. We will do our best to update if/when he becomes available.**We have the dog, the dog is safe.***Video Credit @Alyssa Ott and @Brandon Price

Publicado por I Paw'd It Forward em Quinta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2020

O vídeo de uma mulher a abandonar o seu cão de raça labrador no meio de uma floresta, está a indignar a internet.

A dona chega no seu Tesla junto a um abrigo para animais, tira o animal do carro e é visível que ele está animado. Mal ele sabia que a cruel mulher o ia abandonar. 🙁

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