Tentativa de rapto de uma criança fica gravada em vídeo

SAFEGUARD 🚨 🚨 SECURITY UPDATE 🚨 🚨Please Note: We have received increased reports of children being kidnapped at restaurants and shopping malls in the Jhb Northern suburbs. A suspect tried to take a couple’s 5 year old child at a restaurant tonight in Northcliff. Our security staff at the centre saw this suspicious activity and managed to get the child to safety, apprehend and arrest the suspect while the getaway vehcile sped off. * Please ensure you know where your children are at all times and visa versa. * Make sure your children know not to listen or talk to any strangers that approach them in a mall, restaurant or public area.* Make sure your children know where you are seated before letting them go to the play area. * Unfortunately, when children are unsure of their situation they tend keep quiet and follow instruction especially when talking to adults. let them know it is okay to shout or scream for mom/dad if they are pulled anywhere / told to follow or anything suspicious. Keep safe!Safeguard Security Team.

Publicado por Pamela Hyam Cisak em Quinta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2020

Esta semana uma criança foi vítima de tentativa de rapto durante o dia e junto da sua mãe. Aconteceu num restaurante em Joanesburgo.

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